Night Time Helicopter Flight over Budapest

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If you are looking for a new sightseeing adventure, you just found the perfect way! 

Take in the glorious sights of Budapest from up above, on a magical adventure in the clouds by a 4-passanger private helicopter!  The 25 minute long flight will be guaranteed to take your breath away.  Sit back and enjoy the hovering over the Danube, while you are being introduced to the most beautiful and important sights from a whole new perspective! Get acquainted with the wonderful Liberty Statue on top of the Gellért Hill, be amazed by the sight of the Parliament and the Basilica on the flat Pest side, and let yourself be enchanted by the Castle District in Buda! Your whole experience will be recorded on multiple GoPro cameras. We will edit and send you the video of your adventure, so you will be able to take home and share your experience with others. To make your trip easier pick-up and drop-off service is included in the program, so that you do not have to worry about getting back to your accommodation. As a welcome on the airport, a glass of champagne will be waiting for you!

Wondering how the city looks at night from the birds’ point of view? Now you will have the perfect chance to experience it with our night time helicopter tour. Fly over the most beautiful buildings of the city and see them fully illuminated, in all of their glory!

The flight starts one hour following sunset, the tour starts in different times based on the season, please be sure to look for the tour operator’s feedback on the exact time of departure!


1 & 2 people: 655 EUR
3 people: 730 EUR

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