Air taxi from Budapest to Vienna

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Enjoy the fastest and most exclusive way possible to travel from Budapest to Vienna, by this special, one-of-a-kind Air taxi service.

The tour will start from your accommodation in Budapest in the morning, where a pickup will take you straight to Budaörs airport in the outskirts of the city, where you will be greeted with a glass of champagne, to get you in the mood for the coming adventure. After you are introduced to your pilot and had a chance to get a close look at your means of transport, a 4-passanger private aircraft, you will climb on-board, and the plane will start west from Budapest. During this 1,5 hour long flight toward the capital city of Austria you will also have a chance to get a good look at some of the most magical areas of Hungary and some incredible Austrian lands as well. 

Your tour will take you over Tatabánya, where you will be able to spot the famous Turul statue on top of “Kő hegy” and the city of Győr as well. One of the most memorable views of your trip to Vienna will probably be the famous Lake Neusiedl, the lake which is halved by the Austrian-Hungarian border. Before arriving in Vienna, you will witness Austria’s many amazing nature reserves and national parks, from the clouds. Your pilot will fly as low as possible, so you will have a better chance to view all the important sights of the country, on the way to the capital. 

Your plane will land in Schwechat International Airport, from where you can either transfer to another plane or go inside Vienna and explore the city.


For 1 person: 2667 EUR
For 2 people: 2734 EUR
For 3 people: 2834 EUR

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